The Show

OLN’s Crash Addicts Unleash Car-Crunching Chaos Nov. 23

Travel to Gananoque, Ontario and meet a group of car-crazy characters who painstakingly assemble everything from sub compact cars to station wagons, only to smash ‘em up within a five-minute demolition derby heat. Crash Addicts – an original OLN comedy series – will air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT premiering Nov. 23. Watch the locally famous characters “The Birminator,” “Sweetleaf,” “White Hot,” “Bubbles” and “Hot Rod” in their natural habitats, as they work towards achieving their dream of winning the National Derby Championship. Along the way, high-octane triumphs shift into a muddy comedy of errors quicker than you can yell “give ‘r!”


11 Responses to “The Show”

  1. What a joke the 5 of the drivers are………………….

  2. Why the would you choose these lamebrains to follow around? The show would have been better much better if you followed around people with am I.Q score of higher than 65.

    P.S Show some 8 cyl cars! 4 cilinders suck!

  3. This makes derby drivers look like a bunck of drunken hill billies. There alot of people that derby spend a lot more time to build a car and race them and get the kids envolved in this sport. As I can remember when you guys told the drivers at Lindsey derby in the spring “that this was not going to be like the HOT ROD documentry” you lied.

  4. There is alot of good drivers in the show like Gary and richard, so i dont think its like that at all.

  5. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think there is a definite room for improvement, and trust me, the producers read your every word, and they appreciate your honesty. So this is for the benefit of this culture for sure.Keep em comin!

    Much love,

    P.S. If you think you portray the true meaning of a derby driver, if you are a fan , or if you just would like to share and display your own photos and a bio of yourself, feel free to email me at

  6. Nice blog!

  7. My name is Scott Fellows and I just love the show, love it, love it, I watch it all the time. I work for loyalist Township as an Building Inspector and Provincial Offences Officer, we have a community fair every year located in Odessa just off the 401 at exit #499 which involves a derby, lots of local cars and lots of fun. Would your guys be interested in attending this years derby 2011, if so please contact me and we could make somewhat of a big deal of it !! aswell I have been hunting high and low for Hotrods documentary but have not been able to watch it yet, could you help me out obtaining a copy. Please contact me if you are interested at all my phone # work- 613-386-7351 ex-128, home 613-766-0192, cell 613-888-6742. P.S. our director of Engineering with in the municipality is a relitive of one of the lads, not sure which one he will not tell me, nevertheless we would welcome them with open arms, and I know we would all have lots of fun doing so.

    Scott Fellows
    130 Islandview Drive
    Amherstview, Ontario
    K7n 0A5

  8. I have never watched this show, this is the first time i am hearing about it! You should come to Beeton Ontario, and see my family! We are derby drivers as well! I am known has Crazzy Pinkky.. cause i am the crazzyest girl drivers who ALWAYS has a pink car!

    I will def be watching for the show from now! id love to show off my car! I love derbies! its my life passion!

  9. what demos are you doing this year? what derbys do you still have left to do this year if any?

  10. Can someone PLEASE Tell me where I can get that season on DVD. I want it bad. Big fan!!!!!! THANKS

  11. New Crash Addicts season?

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