The Cast


  Jamie “The Birminator” Birmingham

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”Jamie Birmingham is southeastern Ontario’s answer to Napoleon Dynamite. He’s sweet and hysterical.Jamie won the first derby he ever entered, but bad luck has him chasing him ever since. But his contagious optimism will not be deterred. With his brother Jeremy and Dad Jim rounding out team Birminator, Jamie’s always ready to get ‘er done. Jamie lives with his parents in Ganaoque, ON. Jamie is a “Car Jockey” at a local car dealership, buses tables in the evenings at the Stone Street Tavern and is a volunteer firefighter.His approachable demeanor and aggressive driving style make him an instant crowd favorite at every derby he enters. Even the other drivers root for “The Birminator”.

Gary “Sweetleaf” Miller

“I love gettin’ off work, I love week-ends…I’m livin’ the dream! I’ve got a wife, two kids, and a bunny in a cage, man!”Gary Miller is as laid back as they come. While a he pays the bills as a Fletcher at an archery shop, Miller’s main passion is music. His hard core rock band, Weapons of Mass Distraction, has a devout following in his small community.His derby troupe “Team Sweetleaf” is a group of kick-ass mechanics who share Gary’s affection for “the herb”. A cross The Big Lebowski and Grizzly Adams, Miller has a fantastic sense of humor, a larger-than-life personality and a new-found love for all things Demolition Derby.

“Hot Rod” Joey Kemp

hot rod
“When I get buried, I want the world to kiss my ass!” 

Such is the credo “Hot Rod” Joey Kemp lives by. He is a quality mechanic and his driving style has been called “unique” by other participants. But the most exceptional thing about Hot Rod is his that peculiar confidence that embodies the spirit of the underdog.Hot Rod is a dedicated father and husband. A born storyteller, Hot Rod often exaggerates his derby accomplishments with animated recollections full of humor and – ahem! – colourful language.Regarding his derby losses, Hot Rod often claims “I didn’t quit!” and “I wasn’t scared!” But, in the end, he doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks. Joe works midnights at a local fiberglass factory. The long hours and difficult work conditions have taken their toll. Hot Rod remains optimistic. For him, fun is #1 and he looks forward to the summer of smash-up!

Richard “White Hot” Leighton 


“I just wanna get in there and smash! I’m all the about the throttle, baby!!” Richard Leighton is an auto body mechanic by trade. He has a professional shop, Marble-Rock Auto, where he repairs and paints yachts, cars, trucks and vans. A mechanical wiz, Richard might be the most technically proficient of the Crash Addicts. Richard is a highly-skilled driver whose whimsical inventiveness creates many opportunities in the derby ring.Richard loves boating on the St. Lawrence River with his wife and daughters. Even on the water, he loves going fast and his speed boat clocks in at 80 miles-an-hour.

Tammy “Bubbles” Bruce 

Tammy Bruce is an energetic 20-year-old who loves smashing her cars and “kicking all the guys asses”. “I’m #6969 my favorite number and position.” With her pink cartoon themed cars, Tammy is always a favorite in the “Best Dressed” car contest. With a solid following of girls and young women, Tammy is a crowd favorite.When not doing demolition derbies Tammy works at Walmart stocking shelves on the late shift. A mathematical savant, Tammy closed out her community college math program with a 99% average!Tammy maintains a close relationship with each of her parents despite their separation. Her dad, Vince, spearheads the construction of Tammy’s derby cars with head mechanic, Jim. Her mom, Diane, heads up the painting. Diane has a degenerative disease and lives with a lot of pain. Thankfully for Diane, she is a licensed federal exemptee which permits her to legally grow medicinal marijuana.Tammy’s family and friends describe her as “obnoxious”, “loud”, “confident”, “rowdy” and “bubbly”. She brings a confident “Grrl Power” dimension to “Crash Addicts”.


13 Responses to “The Cast”

  1. why am i not mention as one of the cast members car#5 mike mccully

  2. Mad Mike McCully!!!!
    Thank you so much for the comment. It is so awesome that you checked us out!!!!I am currently working on the website and adding many more features, videos, pictures, etc. I will make sure to give credit where credit is due. Please send me info about you as well as any pictures I could use, I do not have access to pictures of all the drivers, so it would be great if you could send me some. Send it to

    This is also a call to all derby drivers as well as fans, send me your info and I will make sure to post them.

    All the love

  3. Thank you for your reply back i will send you all the pictures that i can.there is also a video out there some where soon as i get it back i will try to forward it to you too.theirs alot going on that is not told the right way on some off the stuff for the lansdowne derby too.

  4. Awesomeness! Thanks so much Mike!
    I truly want this community site to showcase different personalities, thoughts and experiences by drivers like you as well as fans. I appreciate your contribution. Keep em comin!

    All the love,

  5. what a joke to the derby world

  6. Hey Mark, do you take part in this sport? If so, please send me photos of your car and a brief bio if you may. If you are not, in your own words, what makes a great derby driver?

    All the love,

    P.S. my email is

  7. Go Miller!
    Put that metal to the floor baby!

    Good times at New Years!

  8. I watch the show every Thursday night with my dad. We do demo derbies as well! Dad’s #3.. ‘ THE INTIMADATOR! ‘ (watch out).. hah. I did my first derby last August, in Tamworth.. took 2nd! So BOYS WATCH OUT! CAUSE US CHICKS ARE COMING FOR YOU!. =)

  9. Hey Sarah,do you have pictures from that derby? I would love to post them on this site.

  10. hey its wando i will be on the hot rod team this year as his tow man and in the pits as his help …. so we are comeing for you guys… hot rod will make his come back …

  11. As a British fan of the show, can i say i love it. Total mayhem and ‘redneck’ enjoyment of a sport they all clearly love. Hope that’s not an offensive word to use. Us Brit’s mean that in the affectionate way, not as something bad. Far better than Nascar, where they just do right turn after right turn. lol. Also love the fact you’ve also got a hot girl who can whip anyone’s ass on her day, though happy enough to accept defeat when its all gone pear shaped too. Good on ya Tammy; Keep on crashing you guys, and hope to see more series sent over here for us to enjoy.

  12. Tammy is so hot……im going to goto see her in person. Im sure ill enjoy myself at the event but if i get to meet her ill be very very happy!

  13. Hey I have watched the show scence the beginning to the end growing up in oni the spring fair n Clinton wher the start to the summa n got me thinking when I seen the repets and woundering if any of them still run

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